Getting To Africa

As soon as we have helped you to plan an itinerary, we will refer you to our flight partner for quotes on travel to Africa. Our flight specialist is an expert in Africa travel and can secure competitive rates for you.  As with every service we offer you, we have thoroughly researched the quality and integrity of this referral. Of course, you are welcome to seek your own quotes, but we feel confident that our partner can assist you not only with the most economical flight but also with the highest level of service.

If you prefer to book your own flights, we can recommend the best routes to reach your destination and will gladly provide you with a summary of all the flights you require. We’ll also be happy to look over a flight itinerary before you book it to ensure that it works seamlessly with your trip.

Travel Tips

  • Flight schedules are usually available 11 months before travel. If you’re booking your safari a year or more in advance, we’ll make a note to remind you about flights at the appropriate time.
  • Shop around: the same KLM or American Airlines flight may be advertised on several websites, including the airlines’ at widely varying prices.
  • If you’d like to use mileage, plan well in advance.  If you’re having trouble booking your complete flight itinerary with miles, consider redeeming frequent flier points to get to the UK or Europe for a fun stopover and buying a round trip from there to Africa.
  • If you have a late departure back to the US, don’t worry, we can always arrange a day room for you in a comfortable and convenient hotel where you can relax and freshen up before travel.

When To Travel

Africa is gigantic continent. You could fit most of China, India and the UK into the 15 countries where we arrange holidays, so it stands to reason that the climate varies enormously. Winter in Kenya is summer in Botswana while spring in South Africa is glorious but may bring cyclones in Madagascar. Green seasons mean taller grasses and lush landscapes – often with fewer tourists and lower prices – while the dry season offers huge concentrations of wildlife at diminishing water sources and often, an equally large number of travellers if you aren’t working with the right safari company.

Happily, there are destinations throughout Southern and Eastern Africa that work beautifully every month of the year. In the charts below, you’ll find a country by country guide with seasons, average monthly temperatures and Aardvark Safaris’ assessments of when to travel.

Contact one of our experts for detailed information on everything from the arrival of the brightest migratory birds to when you might need mittens on a morning game drive.

Sample Itineraries

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8 Days Serengeti Migration Safari