Olduvai Gorge is located to the east of Ngorongoro Crater and is the most famous archaeological site in the World. It is a deep sided ravine consisting of two branches with a combined distance of about 30 miles and 90 metres deep. Deposits in the gorge have revealed the fossil remains of human footprints from 3.6 million years ago, representing some of the earliest signs of mankind in the world. Since 1959, archeological excavations have revealed four different kinds of homonids showing an increase in brain size and complexity of stone tools. The skull of Zinjanthropus, commonly known as ‘Nutcracker Man’ who lived about 1.75 million years ago, was found at Olduvai Gorge.

The Olduvai Museum is situated on the edge of Olduvai Gorge and is well organized and highly informative and educational.

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