There are several routes to climb  the Mount Kilimanjaro peak.

Marangu Route

 is one of the most memorable and orthodox route in Kilimanjaro as it is the main route which gives accommodation to the climbers. It is one of the least demanding and most brief route, is otherwise called the Coco-Cola route. It approaches the mountain Kilimanjaro from the south east. It is one of the most established route so it is extremely swarmed. It likewise has less beautiful view as the rising and drop are actually the equivalent. The beginning point of this route is the Marangu Gate.

Lemosho Route:

 is a standout amongst the most heavenly route to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro because of its grand trail and the wonderful pleasant view on both the sides of the mountain. As one of the new routes it is increasingly best because of low group, and higher achievement rates. It permits to incorporate the all-encompassing perspective that encompasses it. It begins from the Londorossi Gate. In short it boasts that the climber will achieve the summit and get an excellent view en route.

Rongai Route

is the route north of Kilimanjaro. It is one of the low hovered areas however it is picking up popularity. It has a remote area which offers an unspoiled wild trial where you can spot numerous wild creatures like elephant, antelope. Has more steady slant than alternate routes, it additionally gives the trekker clear and unclouded perspective on the mountain. It is suggested for those with less hiking knowledge. The beginning point of this route is the Rongai Gate.

Machame Route: 

is the south of Kilimanjaro route otherwise called the Whiskey Route as it is a hard hitting test to climb. It is additionally one of the regular routes because of its beautiful excellence. Is steep, testing and troublesome and is additionally best appropriate for the bold people with the experience required for climbing and trekking. This route likewise covers some sensational view which is a great site to watch. The beginning point of this route is the Machame Gate.

Umbwe Route: Umbwe Route is viewed as a standout amongst the most hardest and testing trail to climb Kilimanjaro. It is troublesome in light of the rising profile which gives the climber no time to changing in accordance with the altitudes. It is a perfect route for the individuals who need a testing climb and are exceptionally sure about their capacity to trek.

In spite of the fact that the group is low on this route yet the achievement rate is additionally low. It approaches the Kilimanjaro from the South. Is one of the

briefest, steepest and direct route to Kilimanjaro. The beginning point of this is the Umbwe Gate.