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Exploring the wild wonders of East Africa is a dream for many travellers, but choosing between a safari in Kenya or Tanzania can be a tough decision. Both countries boast breathtaking landscapes, incredible wildlife viewing opportunities, and unique aspects of the Great Wildebeest Migration. Plus, they offer a range of bucket-list activities that promise unforgettable experiences – did you know you can go chimp trekking in Tanzania?

We understand that planning such a journey can feel overwhelming at times, which is why we’re here to make it easier for you. To help you decide which destination suits you best, we’ve compared the nitty-gritty details of a Kenya vs Tanzania safari:

Location & Landscape:
Both Kenya and Tanzania are located in East Africa and share a border along the iconic Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem, home to some of the most spectacular wildlife migrations on Earth. This vast ecosystem spans approximately 30,000 square kilometres, offering expansive savannahs and golden grasslands reminiscent of scenes from “Out of Africa” and “The Lion King.” While both countries showcase similar landscapes, Kenya’s northern regions, like Samburu, feature drier and hillier terrain, harbouring unique wildlife species such as the ‘Samburu Special 5.’ In contrast, Tanzania’s western regions boast thick indigenous forests, perfect for chimpanzee trekking adventures in places like the Mahale Mountains National Park.

Costs & Your Budget:
Embarking on an East African safari may not be the cheapest holiday, but it’s certainly within reach for travellers with varying budgets. Our safari experts specialize in tailoring every trip to suit your specific budget, whether you’re seeking affordable comfort or luxury indulgence. While both countries offer a range of accommodations to fit different budgets, Tanzania tends to be slightly pricier due to its larger size and unique reserves like the Grumeti and Ruaha. However, Kenya presents more budget-friendly options, making it an excellent choice for travellers seeking value for money without compromising on experience.

Accommodation options in Kenya and Tanzania are as diverse as the landscapes they inhabit. From traditional tented camps to luxurious lodges, there’s something to suit every traveller’s taste and budget. However, both countries boast limited availability, especially during peak safari seasons, so early planning is essential to secure your preferred lodging. Whether you’re dreaming of waking up to giraffes at Giraffe Manor in Nairobi or seeking a secluded retreat in the heart of the Serengeti, our safari experts can help you find the perfect accommodation to complement your safari experience.

Game Viewing:
While neither Kenya nor Tanzania guarantees Big 5 sightings on every game drive, the thrill of encountering these iconic animals in their natural habitat is incomparable. Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater offers a reliable spot for witnessing the Big 5, while Kenya’s Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is renowned for its rhino population. Both countries also provide opportunities for unique wildlife experiences, such as chimpanzee trekking in Tanzania and camel safaris in Kenya.

Safari Activities:
Game drives are the main attraction on any safari, offering unparalleled opportunities to observe wildlife in their natural environment. However, both Kenya and Tanzania offer a range of additional activities, including guided nature walks, night drives, and hot-air balloon safaris. Private reserves and conservancies in both countries provide exclusive experiences like off-road game drives and cultural excursions, allowing travellers to delve deeper into the wilderness.

Best Time to Go:
Deciding when to embark on your East African safari depends on your preferences and priorities. Both Kenya and Tanzania experience distinct rainy seasons, which can affect game-viewing opportunities and accommodation availability. Peak safari seasons typically coincide with the dry winter months from June to October, offering optimal wildlife sightings and comfortable weather conditions. However, visiting during the low or green season from November to May can provide excellent value for money and fewer crowds, especially for budget-conscious travellers.

Best Suited For…
Whether you’re travelling as a family, a couple, or an adventurous solo explorer, both Kenya and Tanzania offer something for everyone. Kenya’s family-friendly accommodations and diverse landscapes make it ideal for travellers with young children, while Tanzania’s luxurious lodges and unique experiences cater to honeymooners and thrill-seekers alike. Budget-conscious travellers may prefer Kenya’s affordability, while those seeking exclusive experiences may opt for Tanzania’s splendour.

Ultimately, the choice between a Kenya or Tanzania safari comes down to your personal preferences, budget, and bucket-list aspirations. Our safari experts are here to help you navigate the options and create a tailor-made itinerary that fulfils your wildest African safari dreams. Whether you’re yearning to witness the Great Wildebeest Migration or embark on a once-in-a-lifetime wildlife adventure, we’re here to turn your safari dreams into reality.

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