Our Curated Selection Of The Best Safari Experiences in Tanzania

Tanzania is arguably the safari capital of the world. As well as getting the lion’s share of the Great Wildebeest Migration, it’s home to masses of game that don’t migrate. Apart from that, the best Tanzania safari experiences – which are among among Africa’s best safari experiences – include discovering mankind’s origins, meeting chimpanzees or even sleeping in a luxury treehouse.

The sheer scale of the country is inspiring, and planning a Tanzania safari can at times seem a little daunting. Our East Africa safari experts have compiled their pick of the best Tanzania safari experiences and are ready to create an itinerary that includes the ones that appeal to you most.

Like Kenya, Tanzania is both a terrestrial and an aquatic playground. Its long Indian Ocean coastline – and the islands scattered offshore – add an extra dimension and allow you to enjoy experiences that take you beneath the surface of this amazing country … in every sense.

Tanzania is easily large enough to accommodate contrasting cultures, from maritime Swahili history to the timeless lifestyle of nomadic herders. Respectful interactions with tribes like the Maasai offer insights into ways of life that may seem very removed from your own, but still contain lessons for us all.

Of course, it’s the immense game reserves and national parks that are its biggest drawcard and provide the settings for Tanzania’s best safari experiences. While renowned reserves like the Serengeti get much of the attention, there are ample opportunities to head off the map and discover some of our planet’s lonelier corners. Sharing may be caring, but it can also be rather wonderful when you don’t have to!

In addition to vast migrating herds, Tanzania boasts a wealth of equally fascinating species, from flamingos to chimpanzee. Who would you like to meet?