Our curated selection of the best safari experiences in Kenya

Anyone who’s read (or seen) Out of Africa knows that Kenya is alive with safari possibilities, including some of Africa’s best safari experiences. Apart from game drives – which are always wonderful – you can explore it by helicopter, biplane, hot-air balloon, horse or even camel. Which of the best Kenya safari experiences will you choose?

Kenya’s great variety of landscapes – and its proud tradition as a safari destination – mean that there’s an almost limitless range of activities available. We’ve collected together what we consider to be Kenya’s best safari experiences – now all you have to do is choose … which, when you consider just what’s on offer, may prove to be easier said than done!

Kenya excels at classic safari experiences, such as game drives and guided walking safaris. These are still the best way to get up close and personal with the wildlife in iconic reserves such as the Masai Mara and Amboseli.

Mention Kenya to almost anyone, and their first mental image is likely to be of the Great Wildebeest Migration. While witnessing this is undeniably an unmissable experience, so too is adventuring in some of Kenya’s lesser-known reserves, far off the beaten track.

Taking to the air on a scenic flight is a wonderful way to experience the drama and romance of Kenya’s landscapes. Back on terra firma, spending time with the locals brings things back to a much more personal scale and is the best approach if you want to get to know the ‘real’ Kenya.

After all, it’s the people that make the best Kenya safari experiences so memorable, and who will inspire you to return time and again.